One day my son turned to me, and said "Dad You're A Great Teacher, Why Don't You Teach Everyone?"... With that thought I decided I wanted to do just that - Jason Samel, Founder, for residents of NYC., brought to you by JayMar Insurance Agency is a place for Individuals, Families, and Small Businesses to come and get the facts about the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare, and how it specifically affects New York City Residents. 

Every media outlet puts its own slant on the truth, only to further confuse the consumer. That is exactly why we are here.  We take the slant out of Obamacare and provide you with the clear facts. Now, consumers can come to a place that has simplified and combed through the fine print for you. You can be free of confusion about your health care choices.

If you are interested in having NYC Obamacare come to your organization and give a FREE SEMINAR, please call us at any time at 631-875-2993. We do require a minimum of 10 participants per free seminar.

NYC Obamacare would be more than happy to present our Obamcare/ACA seminar to your organization, trade organization, employees, your management, your medical office staff, or hospital staff. The seminars can be held at a library, a community gathering place, in your home, place of worship, or ANYWHERE that is willing to host a group of at least 10 people who are interested in learning more about how Obamacare can help them.

Please call JayMar Insurance Agency and New York City Obamacare at 516-605-2757 for up to the minute information or if you need help finding the best plan for you.

JayMar Insurance Agency is a NYS licensed insurance broker. We are a New York State certified agency here to help you navigate the Individual Marketplace as well as the Small Business SHOP Exchange. We have very good relationships with the executives of The New York State Of Health (the online market), the insurance carriers and those who teach certification courses.  We spend a great deal of time with these folks to ensure that we understand every nook and cranny of Obamacare so that we can relay that information to our fellow New York City residents and educate the public at large.

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